Land Development

We are proactive in identifying potential clients and understanding their needs and desires before starting any building development. We then set out to create an environment that reflects their aspirations - developing the properties from start to finish and looking at ways to refresh the surrounding streets and their amenities.

At Herfa Properties, we look for areas with the potential to become thriving residential communities, as well as mixed commercial and retail environments ripe for urban regeneration. Throughout the land development process, we aim to find the best possible solutions for creating not only fashionable homes, but impactful urban developments that unlock a neighbourhood’s potential and support the growth of sustainable communities where people want to live.

We then take care of every element needed in order to start and execute the development with the best return on investment possible: land acquisition, planning and obtaining planning consents, infrastructure and building design.

We are actively seeking joint venture projects with land owners. Our typical property deals are structured as follows:

  • Straight out purchase
  • Joint venture partnership
  • Equity share / partnership
  • Any combination of the above

Hence if you are a landowner looking for a development partner, please do not hesitate to contact our office